Support the Belgian catering industry and yourself during lockdown

DR BLUES developed, in partnership with premier Belgian restaurants and bars, the perfect prescription to make it through the lockdown: the Covid-19 Survival Kit. This is the world’s first coronavirus-themed beer package. By ordering this original, gorgeous and exclusive beer gift box, high-end beer lovers get everything they need to treat their lockdown symptoms and - more importantly - are supporting the Belgian hospitality sector into mandatory closure.

Single Dose
Covid-19 Survival Kit

This basic survival kit offers the optimal remedies for all your lockdown pains. In the box, with a magnificent vintage look, you will find a luxurious DR BLUES VIP PACK with our four beer therapies, our signature glass and a booklet with 10 prescriptions to help you determine through self-diagnosis which beer treatment you need.

The Single Dose gift package is sold for €50 (free shipping across the EU) of which €20 is donated to your favorite restaurant or bar.


Double Dose
Covid-19 Survival Kit

Its name says it all: twice as many DR BLUES high-end beers, 2 glasses, a lockdown prescription booklet... and a very particular gift from DR BLUES: ENERGY Rx, 100% natural energy supplements, Dr. Blues’ own prescription for always being your very best.

This is the most complete package, designed to help the most demanding beer lovers through the lockdown.

The Double Dose gift box is sold for €100 (free shipping in the EU and USA) of which €40 will be donated to your favorite restaurant or bar.

How to order the Limited Edition Covid-19 Survival Kit?

  1. Go to the DR BLUES webshop
  2. Click on the Covid-19 Survival Kit you want to order (single dose and / or double dose)
  3. Choose the quantity and add to your cart
  4. Once your order is complete, click on “view cart” and then on “proceed to checkout”
  5. Upon checkout, choose your language (for the prescription pad) and then pick the restaurant or bar you want to support in the list
  6. Fill out the checkout form, choose your payment method and confirm by clicking on “place order”
  7. After validation of your payment, we will donate a royal commission on your order to the selected partner, on behalf of you and DR BLUES

Thanks for your heartwarming support to the Belgian hospitality industry during these exceptional times!




The unrivalled and prizewinning PainKiller™ (10%) ranks among the best Belgian brown Trappist-style beers. An authentic, full bodied dark beer brewed with the best local ingredients. Super smooth, with a slightly warming taste, notes of licorice, apricot and plum, low bitterness and a hint of caramel. The perfect match for grilled food, red meat, cold cuts and rich cheeses.





Our awarded strong blonde beer NerveBlock™ (10%) will provide you with long lasting pleasure. This DR BLUES therapy is a triple hopped, full-bodied, robust Belgian Tripel. Extra spiced with hand-picked fresh hops from Belgium for an organic IPA-like taste. Offering complex taste sensations and brewed for the sophisticated beer lovers, who insist on enjoying only the very best.





The premium pilsner prescribed by DR BLUES is called PaceMaker™ (4.5%). Not just easy on the palate, but a winner that will charm anyone who prefers blondes. PaceMaker™ is a beautifully balanced pilsner, brewed to perfection from the very best ingredients. Refreshing and thirst-quenching, with a complex taste, notes of citrus, floral accents and a fascinating long aftertaste. The ideal remedy for the everyday ailments of all of those who are seeking added value in everything they experience.





The IPA SuperPills™ (6,2%) combines Belgian craftsmanship with American flair. With its crisp, golden color, firm head, fresh hoppy American-style nose with lots of citrus and a fruity character, SuperPills™ is the adequate treatment for milder life symptoms. The perfect DR BLUES companion of appetizers, seafood, fresh pasta, homemade pizza and the world-famous Belgian fries.



Just what the doctor ordered

DR BLUES BELGIAN BREWS® are hand-crafted beverages produced in the DR BLUES BEER CLINIC in Belgium with pharmacy-like attention to detail.
DR BLUES prescribes the beer treatment, the PHARMACIST (brewer) makes the beer prescription, and DR BLUES' NURSE (Emily) dispenses it. Gifts of pure nature, DR BLUES beers aspire to be the very best in quality and luxury.
All DR BLUES beers are brewed, bottled and conditioned while listening to music through 30,000 Watts of acoustic energy of the Big Apple Blues Band.
DR BLUES is an American doctor and scientist, who with top Belgian Master Brewer Marc Knops captured the magic of beer in 5 prescriptions: PainKiller™, NerveBlockT™, SuperPills™, PaceMaker™ and Placebo™.
DR BLUES BELGIAN BREWS® are brewed in an environmentally conscious fashion, using spent grains from the brewing processes as cereal for breakfast and as cow feed. DR BLUES does not promote drinking. Instead, he brews his recipes for the lucky and consenting few who, like him, insist on a unique story and experience for special occasions.

Instructions for use

Symptoms, instructions for use and precautions:

  1. Rate your life symptoms on the DR BLUES pain scale for self-diagnosis
  2. Discover the optimal therapy prescribed by the doctor
  3. Rinse your DR BLUES glass with fresh, cold water
  4. Carefully and slowly pour in the prescribed recipe
  5. Enjoy the artisanal, natural beer with all your senses
  6. Immerse yourself in the unique DR BLUES VIP-experience
  7. Repeat the treatment if needed (but enjoy in moderation)


Beer brewed carefully, to be consumed with care.
All phrases and names suggestive of therapy are used in a fictitious manner.

"No amount of alcohol consumption improves health."

The Lancet 2018, 392; 987-988.