When not in the Brewery, Dr Blues can be found in the operating room.

Founder and CEO


DR BLUES, (Prof. Dr. Hadžić) is the Founder and CEO of DR BLUES BELGIAN BREWS®. DR BLUES is a medical doctor, scientist, philanthropist and the author of bestselling medical textbooks. He was voted Best Doctor by the New York Times magazine 6 years in a row. He organized many philanthropic educational outreach programs throughout the world. He served as Columbia University Professor in New York (2008-2015) and holds several honorary professorships with top European Universities. As a businessman, he has founded and managed several start up businesses to success and acquisition.
He also leads the “Big Apple Blues” Band (www.bigappleblues.com) and tours worldwide. The Big Apple Blues release “Brooklyn Blues” charted top #10 blues albums in 2010 (Real Blues Magazine). The band’s albums “Energy” and “Manhattan Alley” (StoneToneRecords, 2014, 2018) are played by radio stations throughout the world (Spotify, Itunes, Amazon, YouTube).


Our master brewer Marc Knops is one of the most sought after brewing consultants.

Master Brewer

Marc Knops

A Brew Master Royalty, Marc Knops is one of the best known brewer in Belgium with over 40 years of experience in beer making. Marc Knops has been brewing beer since age of 16 when he started his career at the fabled Maes brewery in Waarloos (Antwerp, Belgium). Later on, as independent brewer and brewing consultant, Marc has developed an impressive score of award-winning recipes for Belgian beers and improved countless existing well known formulae.
Marc brews and consults for the very best beer brands in Belgium, including Trappist breweries, several Abbey breweries, and some of the best known Belgian specialty beers, in Brugge (Brugse Zot), Leuven (Domus), Averbode (Averbode), Achel (Achel Extras) and many others . He has brewed and consulted for monks in Limburg, Belgium and Benedictines in Umbria, Italy. In addition to his consulting work, Marc runs his own boutique contract brewery, Varenbroek on his farmland in Rumst, near Anwerpen. Varenbroek brewery is where he instills magic into his brews, surrounded by the organic farming fields of his wife, Prescilla Knops.


“Do you want to talk to the man in charge or the woman who knows what’s going on?”

Sales & Logistics

Greet Van Meir

Greet Van Meir brings her organizational, people and networking skills acquired through a decade of work in biomedical, pharmacology and medical device distribution industries. She is a huge fan of Emily. She embodies the old phrase: “Do you want to talk to the man in charge or the woman who knows what’s going on?” Greet is simply awesome and serves as the propeller behind DR BLUES machinery.