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ENERGY Rx is Dr. Blues’ prescription for working professionals, athletes, and folks on the cutting edge, who are always looking for more energy, mental power, and productivity on a daily basis.

Throughout his research, Dr. Blues learned that off-the-shelf energy drinks sold in supermarkets and gas stations have limitations. In particular, there are physical requirements necessary to regulate energy levels and focus. Dr. Blues narrowed down the ingredients that most naturally sustain energy levels developed an understanding of which physiological stressors were responsible for decreases in energy and focus. Hence, the natural plant-based and energy-boosting supplement DR BLUES ENERGY Rx was created:

In a typical working day of 12-14 hours, I juggled patient care, teaching students, scientific writing, and business management of an internationally renowned educational organization. Throughout my career, I became accustomed to heartburn and palpitations that came with drinking a dozen coffees per day and downing energy drinks. Eventually, I grew tired of the energy-boosting promises of those sugary, chemically-loaded products…. – Dr. Blues


All phrases and names suggestive of therapy are used in a fictitious manner.

"No level of alcohol consumption improves health."

The Lancet 2018, 392; 987-988.

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