Tasting 2 Pack (2bottles + Glass)


Curious about the DR BLUES buzz? If the answer is yes, then the Tasting Pack is the perfect prescription. Make your custom combination choice between the hoppy, balanced NerveBlock; the mighty, robust PainKiller; and the lightest, refreshing SuperPills. DR BLUES’ fabled glass with Emily also included. For special occasions only!

A custom-made pack with 2 award-winning DR BLUES NerveBlock bottles makes you comfortably numb. One of the finest IPA Super Tripel ales ever made.

The ultimate gift for the beer connoisseur. A custom-made pack with 2 DR BLUES Painkiller bottles. A nightly glass of this brown and malty beer acts as an analgesic, so we are not kidding when we say that one a day takes the pain away.

A refreshing, floral and complex tasting IPA-like bitter pilsner, brewed to perfection from the very best ingredients. DR BLUES’ lightest beer (6.2%) has a balanced, strong and pure hoppy character. Drinking SuperPills is an experience that can not be compared with drinking common pilsners.

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Additional information

Weight 1.55 kg
Dimensions 17.0 × 28.4 × 12.5 cm

PainKiller-NerveBlock, PainKiller-SuperPills, NerveBlock-SuperPills, PainKiller-PainKiller, NerveBlock-NerveBlock, SuperPills-SuperPills

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