Dr Blues’ Group Therapy (24-Pack)


The ultimate pack for very special occasions or celebrations. Evidence-based documented to increase fun at Medical Conferences, Seminars and networking events., this is DR BLUES’ prescription for most discerning folks who treasure a variety of experiences and are curious about all the DR BLUES recipes. Elegantly sleeved bottles with DR BLUES proprietary artwork in black (NB), blue (PK), green (SP), and red (PM) come in a custom-made DR BLUES box with carry-on handles. Inside the box, find one of each of Dr Blues’ prescriptions and a booklet with 10 prescriptions to help you determine which beer treatment you will need next. Also, find the collectible Dr Blues coaster set and bottle opener. Enhancing this collection is the inclusion of the “Big Apple Blues CD”, a perfect auditory complement to the DR BLUES experience. This CD features a curated selection of blues music that harmonizes beautifully with the flavors and ambiance of the DR BLUES brews, making it an essential component of the ultimate pack. This addition not only enriches the sensory journey but also provides a unique background ambiance, perfect for savoring each of DR BLUES’ finely crafted beers.

  • 6x PainKiller© (PK)
  • 6x NerveBlock© (NB)
  • 6x SuperPills© (SP)
  • 6x PaceMaker©PM)


All phrases and names suggestive of therapy are used in a fictitious manner.

"No level of alcohol consumption improves health."

The Lancet 2018, 392; 987-988.

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Weight 14.352 kg
Dimensions 39 × 29 × 28 cm