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Just what the Doctor ordered!

If you think that beer can indeed treat COVID or any other disease, please stop reading now. However, if you have a common sense and know that alcohol does not treat anything, read on.

DR BLUES BELGIAN BREWS® are hand-crafted BEERS produced in the DR BLUES BEER CLINIC in Belgium with pharmacy-like attention to detail. DR BLUES prescribes the beer treatment, the PHARMACIST (brewer) makes the beer prescription, and Dr. Blues' NURSE (Emily) dispenses it. Gifts of pure nature, DR BLUES BELGIAN BREWS® mature listening to 30,000 Wats of BigAppleBlues music & aspire to be the very best in quality and luxury.

DR BLUES is an American doctor and scientist who with top Belgian master brewers captured the magic of beer in 5 prescriptions: PainKiller™, NerveBlock™, SuperPills™, PaceMaker™, and non-alcoholic Placebo™. DR BLUES does not promote drinking. Instead, he brews his recipes for the lucky and consenting few who, like him, insist on a unique story & experience for special occasions.

Please be reminded that DR BLUES does not promote drinking. Instead, he brews his recipes for the lucky and consenting few who, like him, insist on a unique story & experience for special occasions.


All phrases and names suggestive of therapy are used in a fictitious manner.

"No level of alcohol consumption improves health."

The Lancet 2018, 392; 987-988.

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DR BLUES BEER Prescriptions


Strong Dark



Super Tripel IPA



IPA Pilsner



Luxury Pilsner


0% Alcohol


We play music


In DR BLUES’ BEER CLINIC, the Walls of Sound comprising 30,000 Watts of acoustic energy continuously play Big Apple Blues music. The sound pressure produces a continuous, gentle vibration of the beer. Highest quality beers benefit from a slight shake during the maturation process and re-distribution of single-cell yeast to enhance fermentation. In DR BLUES' BEER CLINIC, we use a signal-generator to inject a signal tuned to the resonant frequency of the beer shelves to shake the beer bottles. The acoustic energy awakens the yeast to multiply and impart the complex flavors inherent in DR BLUES’ beer magic.


We use the highest quality ingredients from the most distinguished suppliers in Europe. What is left from our brewing process goes back to nature. DR BLUES is 100% green!

Made in Belgium

Made in Belgium

DR BLUES BELGIAN BREWS® are hand-crafted, limited production beers, brewed in our boutique brewery in the fields close to Antwerp, Belgium.



We do not add any artificial additives and do not insufflate CO2 into our beer. All our beers are in-bottle conditioned, the most natural way to add life to our beer.


The music from the WALL OF SOUND, powered by 30,000 Watts of acoustic energy in the rhythm of DR BLUES' Big Apple Blues band facilitates in-bottle fermentation of our beer and enhances its flavors.


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Matthias Shupfer, Italian bottle cap collector extraordinaire, paid a visit to Leuven, Belgium while on his way to a collector’s meeting  in The Netherlands and got to experience Dr Blues Belgian Brews straight from the source – our very own beer clinic! Mathias has been a devoted collector of crown caps ever since childhood, tossing […]

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DR BLUES RECIPE for good Living #026 – 5-Ingredient Steamed DR BLUES’ PACEMAKER© Mussels

DR BLUES’ lightest luxury pills beer (4.5%), PaceMaker© is a perfectly well balanced, medium-bodied pilsner, brewed to perfection from the very best ingredients. If you like low alcohol-content refreshing beers, you will find PaceMaker© to taste organically distinct, rich and natural with a refreshing floral taste full of complexity, and a long-lasting after-taste. Like all […]

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Our master brewers combine the finest Belgian and international hops custom-tailored for each of the DR BLUES BEER prescriptions.


Our proprietary recipes combine centuries-old Belgian beer-making knowledge with scientific advances to make the magic combination of yeast and fermentation that imparts the unique character to DR BLUES BEER.


Choice of grains is important in beer making. Our preference is top-shelf Belgian grains. Each DR BLUES BEER prescription combines barley with other grains to add character, top, color and body to our beers. Our beers are not filtered. The mix of grains is immediately evident in the color of the pour into the DR BLUES Glass.