Dr. Blues has exciting news: PLACEBO™ beer won Gold Quality Award

Dr Blues Belgian Brews is delighted to announce that it has been granted an exceptional Gold Quality Award for Placebo Beer by the prestigious Quality Institute Monde Selection. This award guarantees that the quality of the product has been tested and approved by a professional jury under rigorous evaluation procedures and strict criteria. Placebo is […]

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DR BLUES has a surprise for you

Enter our giveaway and get a free therapy from DR BLUES Win our bestselling Single dose COVID-19 Survival Kit! After much thought DR BLUES decided that 2021 has to have a fresh and happy start (unlike 2020). That is why we at DR BLUES Belgian Brews have decided we should mix things up this year. […]

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What is Zythology?

Did it ever occurre to you that there must be some term that describes the study of beer, similar to how oenology describes the study of wine? Zythology is the study of beer and beer making; it is to beer what ‘oenology’ is to wine. A zythologist is a true beer connoisseur who can share many […]

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Everything you need to know about NON-Alcoholic beer

It is often said that weak beer was drunk in preference to dirty water in European towns during the middle ages. This fact is probably overstated, but the idea that beer was nutritionally important in the medieval period seems more likely. Weaker, so-called “small beers” would have been low in alcohol but a valuable source […]

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DR BLUES supports the Belgian catering industry during lockdown

DR BLUES prescribes original Covid-19 Survival Kit to support the Belgian catering industry during lockdown A world’s leading specialists in anesthesiology and pain therapy, DR BLUES (Prof Dr Admir Hadzic, PhD) launches an original support program with the Belgian hospitality industry. His staff teamed up with the Belgian Brand Manager Laurent Goethals to create a […]

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Something sweet is cooking in DR BLUES Beer Clinic

Belgium has indeed gifted the world quite a few culinary delights – waffles to name one, and then there’s chocolates, crisp fries, well crafted beers, finest chocolates… Food is but more than just sustenance, I believe. We have, over the years, grown to have food for pleasure, going beyond the purpose of simple sustenance. But, I […]

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