Dr. Blues has exciting news: PLACEBO™ beer won Gold Quality Award

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Monde Selection Quality Award for beers

Dr Blues Belgian Brews is delighted to announce that it has been granted an exceptional Gold Quality Award for Placebo Beer by the prestigious Quality Institute Monde Selection. This award guarantees that the quality of the product has been tested and approved by a professional jury under rigorous evaluation procedures and strict criteria.

Placebo is DR BLUES’ low-calorie, non-alcoholic beer prescription. Brewed to be the absolute best with a touch of ginger and Belgian hops. In medicine, Placebo is scientifically proven to make people better; a psychological benefit without physical effect!

Placebo can be taken more than once a day, since overdose has not been reported. Great post workout recovery drink! In science, a placebo is an inactive substance that can improve a patient’s condition simply because the patient expects benefits. Indeed, placebos have been scientifically proven to have psychological benefits without physical effects; they make people feel better. Emily says that DR BLUES’ Placebo™ can boost your ego. It has a taste like freshly squeezed ginger, with just enough sweetness and tartness to balance the spice. It has good balance, a great mouthfeel, and uses that sticky web of hoppy flavor to fill out its body. With 0.0% of alcohol it is a perfect refreshment with super low calorie intake. The only DR BLUES alcoholic beer with its full taste eliminates the crave for an alcoholic beer.

(DISCLAIMER: All phrases and names suggestive of therapy are used in a fictitious manner.)

Jury comments and observations:

With its fittingly suggestive name, this non-alcoholic “Placebo” lager beer is brewed in Belgium and comes in an appealing bottle with an elegant design and a label that includes all the necessary information for the consumer’s benefit. As far as its visual appearance is concerned, the judges described this product as a golden yellow liquid marked by a certain turbidity that was considered normal due to the incorporation of ginger root during the beer brewing process. The foam head was deemed beautiful and long-lasting by the jury members. The nose is predominantly marked by the ginger fragrance, thereby masking most of the other scents present in the bouquet, such as the hints of hops. The nose slowly evolves towards the finish, in which some jurors identified the presence of some acidity and spicy notes. On the palate, the judges encountered a slightly empty sensation which they deemed rather logical considering that this is a non-alcoholic beer, although they did find that the ginger taste manifested itself quite strongly. The finish is characterized by a musty aroma and a touch of bitterness that revives the entire palate, with a slight acidity marking the aftertaste as well.


Celebrating 60 years of experience, Monde Selection has established itself as a leading authority in the quality evaluation of consumer products based on organoleptic and scientific parameters. The evaluation process is carried out by a jury of experts composed of technicians, master brewers, and chemical engineers renowned for their knowledge in food science, biotechnology, brewing science and fermentation technology.

To guarantee an objective and comprehensive judgment, each of the jury members are asked to independently and without deliberation fill out a specific evaluation form including up to 20 parameters to establish the quality profile of the product. The jury may also request the execution of advanced chemical laboratory analyses to round out the product evaluation. At Monde Selection, the evaluation goes far beyond regular tastings, as the Beers, waters and soft drinks jury also takes time to share their knowledge and experience while carefully evaluating each individual product without resorting to any comparisons.

The current global situation did not stop over a thousand companies from 90 countries to submit more than 3,100 products in this year’s World Quality Selections. «Receiving a Monde Selection Quality Award is an amazing accomplishment coveted by all producers and companies committed to the continuous quest for the best quality results. The blue and gold seal of quality is a powerful instrument to encourage producers all over the world to earn the trust of professional buyers and guide consumers in their purchasing choices,» comments Managing Director Dimitri Delloye.

Outstanding products are awarded a quality award based on the various evaluation criteria, with the final evaluation result representing an average of the scores granted by each jury member:
• Grand Gold: Final result between 90% and 100%
• Gold: Final result between 80% and 89%
• Silver: Final result between 70% and 79%
• Bronze: Final result between 60% and 69%