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Collectors Love Dr Blues Belgian Brews

Matthias Shupfer, Italian bottle cap collector extraordinaire, paid a visit to Leuven, Belgium while on his way to a collector’s meeting  in The Netherlands and got to experience Dr Blues Belgian Brews straight from the source – our very own beer clinic! Mathias has been a devoted collector of crown caps ever since childhood, tossing […]

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DR BLUES RECIPE for good Living #026 – 5-Ingredient Steamed DR BLUES’ PACEMAKER© Mussels

DR BLUES’ lightest luxury pills beer (4.5%), PaceMaker© is a perfectly well balanced, medium-bodied pilsner, brewed to perfection from the very best ingredients. If you like low alcohol-content refreshing beers, you will find PaceMaker© to taste organically distinct, rich and natural with a refreshing floral taste full of complexity, and a long-lasting after-taste. Like all […]

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Belgium approves drinking beer at work! As long as it is the PLACEBO©️ by DR BLUES BELGIAN BREWS®️

Placebo is DR BLUES’®️ low-calorie, non-alcoholic beer prescription. Brewed to be the absolute best with a touch of ginger and Belgian hops. In medicine, Placebo is scientifically proven to make people  feel better; a psychological benefit without physical effect! Placebo can be taken more than once a day, since overdose has not been reported. Great […]

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DR BLUES’ Covid-19 Survival Kits on the way to Genk, Belgium

DR BLUES donates its COVID-19 survival kit gifts to the hard working men and women at ZOL and ZMK hospitals. Following the tradition from the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in 2020, DR BLUES BELGIAN BREWS® has teamed up with an incredibly dedicated Administration at ZOL to deliver 1,000 gifts of beer, including the new non-alcoholic beer […]

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Dr. Blues has exciting news: PLACEBO™ beer won Gold Quality Award

Dr Blues Belgian Brews is delighted to announce that it has been granted an exceptional Gold Quality Award for Placebo Beer by the prestigious Quality Institute Monde Selection. This award guarantees that the quality of the product has been tested and approved by a professional jury under rigorous evaluation procedures and strict criteria. Placebo is […]

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DR BLUES has a surprise for you

Enter our giveaway and get a free therapy from DR BLUES Win our bestselling Single dose COVID-19 Survival Kit! After much thought DR BLUES decided that 2021 has to have a fresh and happy start (unlike 2020). That is why we at DR BLUES Belgian Brews have decided we should mix things up this year. […]

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