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Cultural Tips – Beer is Belgium, Belgium is Beer

In Belgium, brewing is a centuries old tradition. The history of the amber nectar here can be traced back to the monks and nuns in the Middle Ages who were some of the earliest brewers. Drinking water was often very unsanitary and made people ill, so most people – including monks and even children – […]

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How to Cook With DR BLUES – Carbonnade à la Flamande (Flemish Beef Stew)

Beer’s Balancing Act Cooking with beer adds a deep, earthy flavor to savory dishes such as chili, soup, and stew; and a nutty, caramelized flavor to baked goods. It’s great for just about every cooking technique, too: baking, braising, deglazing, battering, sauces, marinating, and simmering. Here’s how it works: The hops used in brewing beer […]

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What Music Is Playing in the Brewhouse?

“Whiskey’s too rough, champagne is too much, and vodka puts my mouth in gear.” – Tom T. Hall, “I Like Beer” Music is omnipresent. It accompanies us on morning commutes, on windows-down drives through the countryside, and through air travel over oceans. More than just a tangible stimulus, music affects our moods — and our […]

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If you can’t drink it, don’t cook with it!

“If you can’t drink it, don’t cook with it,” said the late celebrity chef, Keith Floyd, about using beverages to flavour food. Wine isn’t the only alcohol you can use for cooking; in fact, marinating with beer not only tenderizes meat, but neutralizes carcinogens from burnt meat. Moreover, beer, surprisingly, has less calories compared to wine. […]

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The Fundamental Steps of Brewing with DR BLUES

The process of brewing beer is like a foreign language to many, but if craft beers fans want to truly appreciate the delicious drink in front of them, a basic understanding of the fundamental steps of brewing can be beneficial when imbibing delectable craft brews. Malt Brewing begins with raw barley, wheat, oats or rye […]

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The Importance of Beer Glasses

Why is the proper glassware a major component in our beer’s most desirable attributes? If you are a beer enthusiast I believe that there are many questions that you ask while trying or buying new beer – how is it produced, what makes it different, what are the ingredients? Did you ever wonder about the […]

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