Collectors Love Dr Blues Belgian Brews

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Matthias Shupfer, Italian bottle cap collector extraordinaire, paid a visit to Leuven, Belgium while on his way to a collector’s meeting  in The Netherlands and got to experience Dr Blues Belgian Brews straight from the source – our very own beer clinic!

Mathias has been a devoted collector of crown caps ever since childhood, tossing the hobby (and his childhood collection) for a while as a boy, and then returning to it at 18. Since coming of drinking age, his appreciation for the creative designs and variations present on such a small vessel, returned with a passion, and his collection, now counting up to a staggering 132000 (give or take) different bottle caps, hasn’t stopped growing! 

pictured above: Matthias Schupfer (left) with fellow collector Marco Agosti (right) and Dr Blues (center)

Mr. Schupfer’s encounter with The Doctor happened at random and turned into a fun evening of exchanging stories of Craft beer across the globe and of Dr Blues Belgian Brews. Matthias had encountered Dr Blues beer two years prior, and left feeling great about the whole package – crown caps and all! 

“I really like Dr Blues Belgian Brews. I discovered and bought my first bottles of Painkiller, Superpills and Nerveblock in an exclusive Leuven restaurant 2 years ago, when I was on my first trip to Leuven in July 2019. Since the beginning, I wondered how beautiful the bottles, the packaging and their colorful crown caps were. This time around, I was able to obtain the bottles and crown caps from Placebo and Pacemaker that I was looking for! My favourite Dr Blues beer is the PainKiller. Absolutely delicious and drinking this beer is a real experience and personal adventure through unique tastes, flavorings and senses”

.. said Schupfer on how he liked Dr Blues Belgian Brews.

With his run-in with Dr. Blues, he got first-hand experience to learn more about what it is that makes Dr Blues Belgian Brews so special.

He spoke to us about his thoughts on his experience later on.

Dr. Blues Belgian Brews is something more than beer. The concept of brewing beer with the sound of blues music during the brewing process is really interesting, and also the message that the beers are intended to taste like this inner process, an experience of happiness for the soul and the body. Dr. Blues beer is curing the patient with a different solution. While speaking with Dr. Blues, I liked in particular his message of tasting good quality beer rather than drinking quantities”

Dr Blues and the whole team are awfully happy to have met Matthias and are excited to continue following his work as a collector!