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What is Zythology?

Did it ever occurre to you that there must be some term that describes the study of beer, similar to how oenology describes the study of wine? Zythology is the study of beer and beer making; it is to beer what ‘oenology’ is to wine. A zythologist is a true beer connoisseur who can share many […]

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NerveBlock™ Soon in Stock!

This just in: Artisanal bottle sleeves are hot off the press! NerveBlock™ will be available for purchase in December 2019 in the DR BLUES shop. NerveBlock™ , our awarded beer, is a traditional DR BLUES prescription for the Belgian Tripel with hoppy character, medium body, and lasting aftertaste. NerveBlock™ is a limited production, cost-no-object, full-bodied, […]

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PaceMaker™ Soon In Stock!

This just in: Artisanal bottle sleeves are hot off the press! PaceMaker™ will be available soon in the DR BLUES shop. PaceMaker™ is a perfectly well balanced, medium-bodied pilsner, brewed to perfection from the very best ingredients. If you like low alcohol content refreshing beers, you will find that PaceMaker™ tastes organically distinct, rich and […]

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Earlier this month, DR BLUES sponsored the awards ceremony for the very first Speed Golf competition in Belgium. The competition took place in De Kluizen, Aalst, where onlookers had the pleasure of witnessing the game of golf being played in a way much different to what they are used to. When you think of golf, […]

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