NerveBlock™ Soon in Stock!

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This just in: Artisanal bottle sleeves are hot off the press! NerveBlock™ will be available for purchase in December 2019 in the DR BLUES shop.

NerveBlock™ , our awarded beer, is a traditional DR BLUES prescription for the Belgian Tripel with hoppy character, medium body, and lasting aftertaste. NerveBlock™ is a limited production, cost-no-object, full-bodied, robust Tripel. Extra spiced with hand-picked fresh hops from Belgium for an organic IPA-like taste and brewed for the sophisticated beer lovers who insist on enjoying only the very best. Like all DR BLUES brews, NerveBlock™ undergoes in-bottle conditioning in DR BLUES music room in front of the Wall of Sound, while listening to the smooth tunes of Big Apple Blues through 30,000 Watts of acoustic energy for 3 weeks.

This Super Tripel IPA (10%) makes for a great combination with white meats, seafood, and rich cheeses.

If you are looking for the optimal DR BLUES experience, keep these tips in mind:

  1. NerveBlock™ tastes best at a cool temperature, between 8-12ºC.
  2. Decant the beer into a glass at about a 45-degree angle by pouring gently alongside the glass wall to avoid excessive top foaming. As you get to the last third of the beer, tilt the glass back and slightly raise the bottle to form the perfect top. In a perfect pouring, the division between the foam and the liquid should pass through Emily’s waist on our custom made DR BLUES glass.
  3. Always hold the glass by its stem to prevent the beer from warming. Take one first sip to taste its most intimate flavors. Then you can enjoy it at your own pace.