Belgium approves drinking beer at work! As long as it is the PLACEBO©️ by DR BLUES BELGIAN BREWS®️

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Placebo is DR BLUES’®️ low-calorie, non-alcoholic beer prescription. Brewed to be the absolute best with a touch of ginger and Belgian hops. In medicine, Placebo is scientifically proven to make people  feel better; a psychological benefit without physical effect!

Placebo can be taken more than once a day, since overdose has not been reported. Great post workout recovery drink! In science, a placebo is an inactive substance that can improve a patient’s condition simply because the patient expects benefits. Indeed, placebos have been scientifically proven to have psychological benefits without physical effects; they make people feel better. Emily says that DR BLUES’®️ Placebo© can boost your ego.

One a day, takes the alcohol beer away. 0% alcohol, low carb, low caloric. Just what the doctor ordered. Cheers!

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